Corset Care

Lacing the corsetWhen putting on or removing your corset always loosen the lacing to the point where the corset hangs loosely about your body. If your corset has a split busk do not fasten or unfasten this with the corset tight. This will place uneven strain on the fastenings and could result in breakage.

It is a good idea to take your time over putting on your corset. Lace yourself in to the point where the corset is fitted, but not tight, and then let it "rest" for 20 minutes to half an hour. This will allow the materials of the corset to warm with your body heat and take the strain of lacing up more evenly, thus prolonging the life of your corset.

It is often easier to get someone else to lace you in, to make sure that your corset is laced evenly. Remember, corsets were designed in a time when ladies had maids to dress them, and even a lesser woman would have been laced in by her mother or sisters.

Wearing a layer under your corset such as a chemise or cotton singlet or tee will also prolong the life of your corset. Sweat accelerates the breakdown of most fabrics and corsets are not the most washable of garments. Make sure it is aired out well after every wearing and is stored loosely.

Lacing the corsetCorsets and washing machines do not mix. The steel boning will catch and damage either itself, the corset fabric or your machine. Bastet Creations corsets are made from coated spring steel boning to minimize the risk of rust marks, but you risk rust and distortion with any sort of washing in water, even gentle hand washing. Spot dry-cleaning is the best course of action for any marks, preferably done by a reputable dry-cleaner who will test the fabric first.

If your corset is a tight-lacing one, it is recommended that you leave putting it on until at least an hour after meals. Eat lightly when wearing your corset.

Finally, a word for the wise dresser: boots, then corset. ;-)

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